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Crazyfire is a global startup focused on smart travel solutions. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing and Hong Kong. Crazyfire provides integrated hardware and software solutions within its platform services to enable efficient inner city travel needs. 

Its first product is the Zar E-Scooter, the world's lightest personal travel vehicle that is small, portable, and can easily be folded into a backpack and brought anywhere. The ZAR is packed with many innovations, from light and durable vehicle material to 300s quick charging battery times and an integrated navigation and customization app. With the ZAR, owners travel freely - especially in congested urban environments.

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Team Introduction

Our Startup Crazyfire, is a global team of passionate, crafty and environmentally conscious young engineers and designers working together on smart travel solutions. We are mega-city kids that know the troubles of urban congestion all too well. That’s why we set out to design a smart, lightweight and affordable road warrior to get places fast and without limitations.

Raymond Zhang  Founder&CEO

The founder of crazyfire tech, committed to building the world's most personal and portable intelligent hardware company;

Our Advisors

Ray Wu: 

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Skychee Ventures, Angel investor, Managing partner of HP Ventures, Investment and M&A in Cisco;

Edward Liu: 

Serial Entrepreneur, Chief Software Officer of 21ViaNet, CEO of Fastweb, VP of Speedera (acquired by Akamai), co-founder of Resonate (IPO on NASDAQ);

Steven Li: 

Serial Entrepreneur and cloud specialist, VP of WW platform in Amazon, VP of Technology Innovation in Webex;

Kalley Chen: 

Partner of King & Wood, specializes in private equity and venture capital financing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, technology licensing;