Pre-Order App Store ZAR TM E-Scooter

The ZAR is a foldat kg (9.9 lbs). It is ultra compact and can easily be folded into a backpack, making it extremely convenient to bring on public transport and even on planes.


ZAR’s rear wheels have an independent suspension design with a flexible turning 
ability,letting  you  enjoy each turn with three  wheels for  maximum stability and
sense of control.The  body tilt angle of the  ZAR is  up to 17 degrees on  both  the
left and right sides. Through the  body tilt, the  handlebars have  a  slight rotation
to  make  turning  easier.Giving riders a gliding  experience on  three  wheels  like 
that of a skateboard on four wheels.

200W Brushless Mini Moter

Designed with a 200W brushless mini motor engine the ZAR can
reach  up  to  20km/h,  giving  you a carefree driving experience.
The wheel hub has a special waterproof and non-slip treatment
and uses the high  elasticity  of its  inflatable tires to  make  any
roads easily traveled on.

Steadily Brake Control

Rider’s safety has always been our top priority when designing the ZARtm e-sccoter. Through numerous calculation and experiments our engineer’s has finally figured out the most rider-friendly brake curve to bring a smooth and steady stop.

Panasonic High Denstiy Lithium Battery

The Panasonic high-density lithium battery gives the ZAR an extremely long endurance capability. With up to 2000 charging times the battery can live up to 5 years. We have also integrated an automotive grade ‘Battery Monitoring and Management System’ (BMS) making the Panasonic battery in our ZAR E-Scooter a smart battery.

iZAR App

Control the ZAR via your smartphone

The “light” app includes the following functions:
Developed to seamlessly connect to your ZAR via Bluetooth
Monitor the ZAR’s speed and remaining power
Track your driving route and remaining distance
Record your travel trajectory and speed at all times
Real-time location sharing
Map navigation functions
Share and track your location with fellow ZAR travelers
Security and speed warnings
Light customization on your ZAR E-Scooter

Grab and Go

The ZAR is a foldable electric scooter, perfect  for  those
daily short distances we need to travel quickly. It weighs
in  at  only  4.5  kg  (9.9 lbs). It  is  ultra  compact  and  can
easily  be  folded  into  a  backpack, making  it extremely
convenient  to  bring  on  public  transport  and  even  on 



Our intelligent lighting control system developed by our team provides safety and speed warnings,
power monitoring and other multifunctional displays. You can freely chose between a range of
1600 colors just by clicking on a button setting through the “light” app.


Weight: 8.8lb(4.0kg)
Limit loads 220lb(100kg)
Height: The range of 570-1100mm
Maximum speed: 12.5mih(20kmh)
Cruise-ability: Standard 9.3mi(15km),High 12.5mi(20km)
Electric motor: Low-power brushless motor drive 24V 200W
Lithium-ion battery: Standard 4.4AH High5.8Ah
Controller: Intelligent controller bluetooth version

The intelligente-scooter in backpack